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Are you currently facing criminal allegations? Whether you have been charged with a municipal offense or criminal offense, you need a strong defender to fight by your side and secure a positive outcome for your case. The Gallucci Law Firm brings over 30 years of criminal law experience in Staten Island, providing you with the defense you need. Mario Gallucci has handled some of the largest and most difficult criminal cases in New York, New Jersey, and the Federal Courts, and is nationally recognized in the top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Staten Island and in the country. Mario Gallucci is not only recognized by his peers, but also by judges and the media, with the NY Times calling him a “Stylish and Tenacious Defender.” 

As a New York & New Jersey criminal defense attorney, I am here to protect your rights through exceptional representation in state and federal courts. I am committed to understanding your situation and gaining your trust through in-depth consultations. I am fluent in many forms of criminal law, including:

Assault and Battery Lawyer in NY & NJ

No matter its origin or cause, an assault and battery charge in NY or NJ can have very serious consequences. All types of assault and battery cases require the assistance of a determined criminal defense attorney to protect your rights during this stressful time.

Drug Crimes Defense Attorney in NY & NJ

Being arrested for a drug crime can lead to a lengthy jail sentence. With The Gallucci Law Firm, you’ll receive fierce representation from a criminal defense attorney with years of experience defending against serious felony drug offenses.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Staten Island

With charges ranging from misdemeanor to felony, domestic violence cases should not be taken lightly. These cases are often highly volatile and personal, which means you’ll need legal representation from a defense attorney who will fight diligently for your rights.

DWI Lawyer in New York & New Jersey

DWI cases in New York and New Jersey stem from laws that are both serious and complex. In order to avoid jail time or the loss of your license, you need a competent criminal defense attorney who will analyze the case from all angles, providing comprehensive legal support while taking all potential errors into consideration.

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NY & NJ Homicide Lawyer

Homicide charges can result in some of the most severe penalties in the legal system. If you are charged with homicide in Staten Island, get the support of an attorney with a proven track record of success. At The Gallucci Law Firm, you’ll find the immediate and comprehensive legal support needed for your case.

Manslaughter Defense Attorney in NY & NJ

Manslaughter can lead to multiple charges, including a felony. You need a criminal defense lawyer with experience and a strategic plan of action to review all the details of your case and help you receive a just outcome.

Murder Defense Attorney in NY & NJ

If you’re facing murder charges, you need strong representation. At The Gallucci Law Firm, you’ll be protected throughout your investigation – with a lawyer who is always looking out for your rights and will help fight these charges.

NY & NJ Sex Crimes Lawyer

Being charged with a sex crime puts you at risk for jail time and being registered as a sex offender in New York. You need legal support that specializes in sex offenses with the complete understanding of local sex crime laws and penal codes that change frequently.

Defense for Theft Crimes in NY & NJ

Ranging from petty theft to larceny, theft crimes can get you into serious trouble with the law. It’s crucial that you hire a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in handling theft crime cases with the right expertise and efficiency.

Violent Felonies Defense Attorney in NY & NJ

You could be facing years or a life sentence if you have been charged with a violent felony. You’ll need the best legal defense to thoroughly investigate your case and challenge the validity of evidence. At The Gallucci Law Firm, you’ll be given the legal representation you deserve.


Criminal Defense Attorney in NY & NJ – Areas We Serve

At The Gallucci Law Firm, we are proud to provide comprehensive expertise and support throughout the entire legal process. Based out of Staten Island, we protect the rights of those in New York and New Jersey and work to bring them the best possible outcome.

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I take pride in safeguarding the rights of my valued clients. When it comes to legal cases, the evidence is key, and once I take your case, I promise unconditional investment. I will work diligently to construct a tailored criminal defense plan, carefully reviewing each aspect of your case to confirm that we have the best strategy possible to defend your name and your rights. I will devote my time and resources to make sure your defense is tactical and exceptional. Contact us at The Gallucci Law Firm today to meet your new legal advocate, and we can discuss how to approach your unique case and determine your legal options.

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