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Mario Gallucci is nationally recognized as one of the top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys and he has handled some of the largest and toughest criminal cases in New York, New Jersey, and the Federal Courts. The firm brings over 30 years of criminal law experience and has been recognized by Judges as well as the NY Times. Mr. Gallucci has helped hundreds of clients get the justice they deserve and is willing to do so for those in Middlesex County. His knowledge and expertise in the field is unmatched by any other attorney in the area.

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New York Federal and State Criminal Defense

Mario Gallucci has handled many criminal cases from theft and sex crimes to homicide and manslaughter. After reviewing your case, The Gallucci Law Firm will construct a tailored criminal defense plan to ensure that your defense is strategic and exceptional. No matter what the case, Mr. Gallucci promises unconditional investment. He will devote as many resources needed in order to fight for your rights. Mario practices criminal defense in the following areas:

Expert Criminal Defense in Middlesex County

Are you currently facing any criminal allegations? If so, you need a strong defender by your side that understands your individual needs based on your case. At The Gallucci Law Firm, we take pride in protecting the rights of our valued clients. Contact our office today to request a quote or to schedule a consultation with Mario Gallucci.

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The Gallucci Law Firm provides legal support in Staten Island and for the following areas in New York and New Jersey:


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