New York & New Jersey Murder Defense Attorney

Murder is a Class A-1 felony that can lead to life in prison without the possibility of parole. It’s one of the most serious crimes you can be charged with, as it’s defined as the intentional killing of another person. If you have been accused or charged with murder in New York or New Jersey, you need a successful criminal defense attorney to help you fight these charges. At The Gallucci Law Firm, I bring over 30 years’ experience in resolving and trying these cases. The Gallucci Law Firm understand the gravity of your situation. I will fight to defend your rights and build you a solid criminal defense.

Defending charges against murder can be a difficult task. But with my 30 years of experience, I understand the tactics used by the prosecution and can determine the best course of action for your unique case. Through my experience and research, I’ll make sure to protect you throughout your investigation – always looking out for your rights. If you’ve been accused of murder in the first or second degree, please contact my office to discuss your case further.

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