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As one of the nation’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers, Mario Gallucci of The Gallucci Law Firm proudly specializes in criminal defense for individuals in the tri-state area. Among the numerous criminal offenses our firm has expertise in, assault and battery is perhaps the most common. Individuals can be charged with this punishable offense for a variety of reasons, stemming from countless circumstances and situations. Whether you have been involved in a physical altercation in a public space, a domestic violence incident, or any other similar situation, you can trust lead defense attorney Mario Gallucci of The Gallucci Law Firm to provide the best defense for your case.

What is Assault and Battery?

While the charge of assault and battery encompasses a range of scenarios and situations, it essentially entails the act of threatening another person and making physical contact with this individual. Though assault and battery are often combined as a single charge, it is important to note the difference between “assault” and “battery,” as assault can function independently of battery and become a separate charge. On its own, assault implies the threat or attempt to cause some form of harm to someone else, and may be expressed verbally or through physical action or gestures. An individual may also be charged with assault if the victim believes that battery was implied by the aggressor’s behavior. Battery is a chargeable offense only when unwanted and/or harmful physical contact has occurred.

What is Aggravated Assault? 

Assault charges are often categorized as either simple or aggravated. Aggravated assault is a more serious offense – it is a felony that may involve the use of a weapon or the intent to commit a serious crime. Aggravated assault can also be considered under certain scenarios, such as when a vulnerable person is threatened (for example, a pregnant woman or an elderly individual). If the actions of the defendant could have led to death had they not been stopped, attempted murder or manslaughter may even be considered. For a defendant to be convicted of aggravated assault, the prosecutor must be able to prove all aspects of the crime, including the act of assault and additional elements that caused it to be considered “aggravated.”

What are the Penalties for Assault and Battery in New York and New Jersey?

Assault and battery penalties depend upon the degree of the offense. A case that involves minor injury or a limited threat of violence is usually considered a misdemeanor, while aggravated assault constitutes a felony in all states. As penalties for assault and battery charges can range from fines and community service to significant jail time, it is important to have the most experienced defense attorney on your side if you find yourself charged with this offense. At The Gallucci Law Firm, we believe in both locating and examining evidence to support and defend our clients throughout the entire legal process. In the 30 plus years that we have been in the business of defending individuals charged with assault and battery, we have efficiently reviewed medical records and surveillance video footage and conducted numerous interviews to piece together the events leading up to each criminal charge.

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As a member of the New York State Defenders Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, NYC Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, and the Staten Island Trial Lawyers Association, Mario Gallucci has been a trusted and reputable defense attorney for over three decades and has been involved in some of the toughest and most high profile cases in New York, New Jersey, and throughout the Federal Court System. With The Gallucci Law Firm, you can rest assured that you will have the most experienced representation to defend you against assault and battery charges of ranging severity.

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