What To Do If You’re Arrested For A Crime You Didn’t Commit?

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In the United States, we like to think that our justice system is infallible when it comes to protecting the innocent from the guilty. But every year, thousands of people are jailed despite overwhelming evidence that they are innocent of their crimes. It can be truly frustrating to be faced with the possibility of losing your freedom over a series of mistakes, which is why you need to remain calm and follow some precise steps to fight back and prove your innocence.

Hire The Best Criminal Defense Attorney Staten Island Residents Rely On

Your first step is to get in touch with close friends and family members and do anything you can to hire a quality Staten Island lawyer to defend you. This is your freedom we are talking about and hiring anyone less than the best is putting your freedom at risk. Take out a second mortgage on your home and clean out the retirement fund to make sure that you get an attorney with a strong record of helping innocent people.

Get Off Social Media

You don’t want to start deleting social media posts from your profile because that would look suspicious and you might delete something that can help you, but you should stop using social media completely. Delete all of your accounts and ask your friends to not post any information about you or the case, and avoid being in any pictures that will get posted to social media.

Don’t Talk About The Case To Anyone Except Your Attorney

You might not mean to, but you could wind up giving out several slightly different version of events if you start talking about your case to everyone you know. Your best bet is to not talk about your case at all and only tell your attorney your side of the story. Your lawyer will have an easier time defending you if there are not several different versions of your story directly from your mouth floating around.

Never Contact The Other Party

No matter how you might feel towards the other party, even if that includes an incredible feeling of sympathy for what they are going through, you should never contact the other party in your case. As far as they are concerned, you are guilty of the crime that is harming their family. Anything you try to say can get misinterpreted or seen as an attempt to get them to change their minds. You should avoid any direct or indirect contact with the other party and let your attorney do all of the talking.

Always Tell The Truth

Whether you are talking to your attorney or a crowded courtroom, you should always tell the truth. You should never try to alter certain things to make you seem “less guilty,” and you should never try to change your story to protect anyone else.

Being arrested for a crime you did not commit can be a terrifying experience. If you take the proper steps after your arrest, then you can have your side of the story presented in a court of law and do everything possible to prove your innocence.

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