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High Profile Criminal Defense Cases in New York Featuring The Gallucci Law Firm

As a prolific criminal defense attorney, Mario Gallucci represents a number of high-profile clients in NY, NJ, and the Federal Courts. He has recently been featured in several articles online, where you can learn more about his recent cases and the representation he provides in the area. In all of the cases below, you will see the dedication that Mario Gallucci puts into each client he represents, in order to fight for the most favorable outcome. These cases represented back to back appeals won, with the Appellate Division finding Mario Gallucci to excel. Check out the articles below!

Why Choose The Gallucci Law Firm when Seeking a Criminal Defense Attorney in NY & NJ?

Those seeking a criminal defense attorney who will fight for their rights at every step of the legal process can trust Mario Gallucci and The Gallucci Law Firm. Throughout the cases above, Mario Gallucci worked with the appellate counsel to gain positive results for his clients, and he consistently fights to prevent convictions no matter what it takes. We understand that being faced with legal challenges can be extremely stressful, which is why we will navigate your case by your side and develop a personalized strategy catered to you. Mario Gallucci provides legal support in Staten Island, New York, and New Jersey, and is consistently recognized as one of the premier criminal defense lawyers in New York City. We provide defense in the following areas:

Expert Criminal Defense in Staten Island from The Gallucci Law Firm

Those seeking an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney in Staten Island, New York, and New Jersey will find the support and expertise they need with Mario Gallucci. Backed by over 30 years of experience in criminal defense and litigation, Mario Gallucci defends those facing a variety of charges, and works to beat the odds of having your case overturned. Evidence is key in all types of legal cases, and The Gallucci Law Firm promises unconditional investment in your case. Mario Gallucci will work diligently to construct a personalized criminal defense plan so that the best strategy to defend your name and your rights can be put into place. To meet your new legal advocate in NY and NJ, please contact us today to request a free consultation. 

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