What Should I Do If I Have Been Falsely Accused Of Domestic Abuse?

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To be falsely accused of any type of domestic violence or abuse crime is not something to be taken lightly. Before your case is even heard by a judge, your reputation within your community could be ruined. Thanks to social media, your reputation outside of your community is also in jeopardy. Why do people file false domestic abuse charges and what can you do to protect yourself?

Why Does It Happen?

People who file false domestic violence charges are usually jilted lovers who are unable to let a relationship go. In the background, they also have other emotional or psychological issues that convince them that getting the law involved is a good way to get revenge back at an ex-lover who dropped them. If you are falsely accused of domestic abuse charges, it is extremely important that you deny the charges immediately and act right away.

Heading Off Potential Problems

If you are involved in a relationship you would like to end but know that ending it will get problematic, then you should not hesitate to talk to an experienced domestic violence attorney. Your case will not be the first preemptive case the attorney will have ever handled, and the attorney can give you good advice on how you can try to break off the relationship without issues. If issues occur, you will have a Staten Island lawyer on your side who knows all of the facts of your case.

What If I Am Accused?

If you are falsely accused of domestic abuse, then cease all contact with your former partner. If you are getting persistent and abusive phone calls or emails from that person, then collect them as evidence for your lawyer to use. Whenever you are asked about the case by legal authorities, you should always proclaim your innocence.

Unfortunately, when a person is accused of domestic abuse they are taken into custody. This can feel like you are being treated guilty before you are even tried, but it is just part of the process. The prosecutor in your area will review all of the information and determine if there is a case. You should never take a plea deal in a situation like this. You want this to go to court to publicly show that you are innocent and your accuser is lying.

If your accuser is show to be falsely using the legal system to get personal revenge, then the prosecutor might recommend charges be pressed against your accuser. But that is something you should let happen and allow your attorney to handle.

When you are falsely accused of domestic abuse, it can take time to clear your name. It is important to hire an experienced attorney and allow your attorney to take care of the situation on your behalf. You want something like this to go to court so you can clear your name, and your attorney will know exactly how to handle it.

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